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Morning Post: Huawei nova 3 released today / Meizu 16 real machine exposed again

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-18
With the upcoming release of Xiaomi's large-screen mobile phone Max 3, Honor's heavy flagship, and Honor NOTE 10, which is also positioned as a large-screen mobile phone, is not far from the release. Previously, we have exposed the real machine photos of Honor NOTE 10, and some people even posted a customized version of the machine. Many revelations are quite anticipated. On July 17, at the '2018 5G and Future Network Strategy Seminar' held that day, Huawei 5G expert Wu Yong delivered a speech. Wu Yong said: At present, Huawei has established more than 50 5G pre-commercial networks with more than 20 operators around the world. The technical verification of R15 technology has been completed. Huawei has already completed the key technologies, technical standards and core frequency bands of 5G. Sufficient preparation. After May, the mobile phone industry has been relatively quiet a lot, but recently it seems that there is a wave of new phones. Huawei nova 3 and Nokia X5 will be released together today, and the large-screen mobile phone Xiaomi Max 3 will be unveiled tomorrow. At the same time, the Meizu 16, which is expected to be released at the end of this month or early next month, is also getting more and more reliable news. About a year and two months after the launch of nova 2, Huawei will officially release a new generation of nova model-Huawei nova 3 in Shenzhen on July 18, which is today, which will be endorsed by Yi Yang Qianxi. Before the press conference, Huawei officials and the private sector had already released accurate information about the aircraft, and almost only the price was left in suspense. Huawei nova 3  , the release of Meizu 15 reignited the fire in Meiyou's heart. In the eyes of Meizu Technology CEO Huang Zhang, Meizu 15 is just a small test, Meizu 16 is a product built with all efforts, so the latter It's even more exciting. According to Huang Zhang, Meizu 16 will be released at the end of this month or early next month. Now that the press conference is getting closer and closer, the news of the machine is also endless.
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