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More than just beauty, Meitu T9 Berry Red Map Tour

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-16
In addition, a ring flash is also added to make the fill light effect softer. The circular lens protection ring, wake-up flash, and circular fingerprint recognition are called the 'three-circle symbol' by Meitu. At the launch of Meitu T9, Meitu launched Beauty 3.0. Lu Yan, the special effects design director of Meitu MTlab, said that through research, the beauty has gradually transitioned from simple dermabrasion and snake facial beauty to the direction of real and natural, full-body beautification, and personalized customization. Beauty 3.0 will focus on retaining The 'non-dermabrasion beauty' of the skin texture reduces the traces of beauty. In addition, Meitu T9 is also Meitu’s first model equipped with 3D face files. It scans faces through AI to generate 3D contour files. Then users can customize their own personal facial contours. This record will be used for targeted beautification in future selfies. In the midsummer of July, Meitu brought its new Selfie artifact Meitu T9. As Meitu’s T-series Selfie artifact, the T9 continues the appearance style of the Meitu family, with a double V design, exclusive hexagonal symbols, and brand recognition. The degree is very high. Meitu has always been a slant type in the smartphone market. It is not the best performance, and the appearance is not the best. For Meitu, it has only one thing to do- The ultimate selfie. As a self-portrait artifact that ladies love to put it down, Meitu T9 has a significant upgrade in camera parameters. Both the front and rear cameras are equipped with dual cameras. The front and rear main cameras use Sony’s IMX363 sensor, 12 million pixel design, and support. Dual-pixel focusing, and are equipped with OIS optical image stabilization; the front and rear sub-photographs are Samsung 4E8 sensors, 5 million pixels, used to detect the depth of field blur. The use of IMX363 before and after is also related to the positioning of Meitu mobile phones. After all, Meitu only needs to do one thing-taking selfies, which is also Meitu's core competitiveness. In addition, Meitu T9 is also equipped with a full-body beauty camera based on human bone recognition technology. According to each special bone point, it is intelligently trimmed according to the golden ratio, claiming that it will be more natural than simply extending the legs. MEIOS 4.3.4 will be officially launched at the end of July. It is relatively rare for the front camera to have optical image stabilization. In addition to the eye-catching dual shots, two fill lights are also equipped on both sides of the forehead. Compared with a single flash, the double flash has a more even fill light effect. The large-size earpiece has both speakers, and the speaker openings at the bottom form a dual speaker system with a built-in AKM4376 independent Hi-Fi chip. In terms of configuration, the machine uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, with 4GB+64GB or 6GB+128GB memory storage combination, built-in 3100mAh lithium battery, supports up to 18W QC3.0 fast charge, USB Type-C interface. In terms of screen, the machine is equipped with a 6.01-inch Samsung AMOLED screen with a ratio of 18:9 with a resolution of 2160*1080. In terms of system, the factory is equipped with MEIOS 4.3 operating system, customized based on Android 8.1, built-in MTclean4.0 anti-aging technology and MTgame2.0 game optimization level, and optimizes the fluency for the glory of the king, claiming a 20% increase in fluency and high frame rate Stability increased by 25.5%. In addition, it also launched a free data transfer service, unlimited number of sheets, and launched an iOS client to satisfy dual-machine users. In terms of body color, the regular version has four versions, including Berry Red, Wizard Green, Nebula Powder, and Lake Light Blue. In addition, there is also a special color-matched Summer Palace limited edition. In terms of details, the top of the Meitu T9 is relatively clean, with only noise reduction microphones. The back edge of the fuselage is a dome-shaped arc antenna that blends with the color of the fuselage. Meitu T9 also removed the 3.5mm headphone jack. The bottom of the fuselage is a USB Type-C interface, which is symmetrically distributed with speaker openings, and the call microphone is hidden in it. The middle section of the left speaker is provided with a small antenna partition. The middle of the left side of the fuselage is the volume button. The frame adopts an integrated back cover integrated with the back cover, and the entire back cover has a certain arc design, which also continues the consistent design style of Meitu. The top of the right side of the fuselage is a SIM card slot, which supports dual card dual standby. In the middle is the power button, which is also a relatively common layout strategy. Near the bottom is a special button for taking pictures, which is also for users to take selfies more conveniently when holding the mobile phone in the right hand. This is also an uncommon design on general mobile phones.
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