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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-03
The mobile phone protective film specifications on the market now, the conventional series are divided into two categories: First category: frosted paste series (1) The surface is specially processed to prevent scratches and wear resistance (2) The silicone composite layer is used as an adhesive to prevent air bubbles. Formation (3) Repeatable pasting without leaving any traces and no corrosion on the surface (4) Transmittance of 95 with non-reflective enhancement of the color of the display screen (5) Processed from Taiwan imported sheet material (6) Anti-ultraviolet (7) It can effectively absorb part of the direct collision to protect the display screen (8) It can effectively prevent the abrasion of the brush strokes (9) It will not leave corrosive adhesives like other pastes (10) It is safe and reliable and can effectively protect your products. Clear surface Taiwan's high-quality professional hard LCD protective film protects the surface of the liquid crystal with full transparency, full clarity and 100% display of the original color more abundantly. The original color on the LCD surface is integrated into a scratch-resistant multilayer protective film without glue. It is automatically pasted and posted. It is easy to take out and leaves no traces. It can be posted many times, and it will not fall off after being cleaned with water. Category 3: Anti-peeping stickers series: Anti-peeping. It is only for the person facing directly, and the viewing area is 60 degrees. Anti-glare, anti-reflection, can control the incident direction of light. Anti-scratch to prevent the surface of the LCD from being scratched. Doesn't affect the sensitivity of the touch screen. It can be pasted repeatedly. Easy to install and easy to remove. Available in various sizes, suitable for a variety of models. Cut easily. Various shapes can be cut out.
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