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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-04
Shiny mobile phone protective film, strong adhesiveness and transparent film: It is sticky, and it can be pasted on the screen, but the effect is not very good. Of course, there is no electrostatic film that is specially designed for the screen. It can be used as a film to remove dust, but if it is too viscous, you can choose a dust removal film. The advantages are good. The transparent film is glued and needs to be tailored. It can be used for all-inclusive mobile phones. It can be attached to the mobile phone screen or on the mobile phone. On the back, you can also paste the keyboard. It is the most widely used and most commonly used. After tearing off, there is no glue and only a little print can be wiped out with a cloth. The disadvantage is not scratch-resistant. The mobile phone protective film A has a wide range of uses, so it is not as effective as an electrostatic film, but it has a general effect. It does not have an electrostatic film beautification effect. If you want to paste the screen, please buy an electrostatic film matte film: it is sticky, special stickers The back shell of the mobile phone, after pasting, shiny and glowing, rich in texture and heavy, the effect of pasting on the screen is clear
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