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Mobile phone protective film|Screen protective film|Advantages and characteristics Applicability-Dongguan optical material manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-05
Some of our common PET protective film is a high-temperature polyester film, which is a commonly used film in our industry, and this film has a high use value when used. It has very good physical properties and is relatively stable. For example, when we cut it, it will not be affected by changes in our environmental temperature. The size will not become larger or deformed, so that people will use it. Will be very relieved. The application field of PET protective film is also very wide. Generally, some companies that are used to manufacture magnetic recording or photosensitive materials or electronics will choose this material as the object of their own processing. It can be seen that this kind of protective film has a very Good applicability. This product has a certain degree of repeated recycling when used. If it is dirty for some reason, it can be washed in water and can be used again, but it will not affect their adsorption. Therefore, these advantages of using PET protective film can be seen.
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