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Mobile phone protective film price, double layer anti-scratch and anti-glare protective film

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-04
Tape use: used for mobile phone protective film of various flat display panels (glass, acrylic or PC material); CRT touch screen, mobile phone, digital camera PDA panel; mobile phone display, electronic navigation display, computer display and various touch screens Screen saver. Tape characteristics: anti-scratch treatment, good touch effect; special adhesive, no bubbles; material with high stiffness; surface hardness up to 4H, good weather resistance, low adhesion and easy to tear off. It has electrostatic adsorption and automatic exhaust function; it can be reused and there is no residual glue after removal; and has a super high transmittance optical effect, 95% of the original color is presented; it can effectively protect the screen from scratches, scratches and Pollution. Product performance: It is composed of ultra-transparent polyester film (PET) coated with special silica gel, then laminated with PET release film, and laminated with PET protective film on the hardened surface.
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