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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-04
PE-polyethylene (PE protective film) is not suitable for use at high temperatures. Generally, the temperature is within 60 degrees and is widely used in the protective film industry. Advantages: low price, softness, good extensibility, environmental protection and pollution-free, generally such products have passed the EU ROHS environmental pollution test. Disadvantages: poor weather resistance. PET-polyester (PET protective film) is mainly used for die-cutting. Advantages: good weather resistance, can withstand high temperatures of 100-150 degrees, good hardness, smooth; disadvantages: can not be used on products with angles or corners. PVC-polyvinyl chloride (PVC protective film) is mainly used for anti-static protection, as well as the surface of wooden speakers. Advantages: good flexibility and good weather resistance (SPVC); disadvantages: not environmentally friendly, so many international brands rarely use products of this material. In the early years, the surface protective film was made of PVC material, which is characterized by its soft texture and easy pasting, but this material is relatively thick and has poor light transmittance, making the screen look hazy. It will also leave glue marks on the screen after tearing it off. It is the treatment method used for high-transmittance protective film. The characteristic of this kind of screen protection film is that the screen is not reflective and has high light transmittance, which will not affect the display effect of the screen.
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