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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-04
The specific size of the mobile phone protective film is divided into large screen film, medium screen film and small screen film, so that wholesale customers can order protective film, saving the time of quoting each mobile phone protective film one by one, which greatly facilitates wholesalers. With professional die-cutting and punching technology, we provide our customers with various brand models of protective films (such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, e-books, digital cameras, game consoles and other LCD screen protective films) OEM customization services, sensitive market trends, Professional technology and considerate service meet the needs of our customers. At present, there are various styles of mobile phone protective film, tablet computer protective film, laptop screen protective film, etc., in order to facilitate customers to purchase or customize digital LCD screen film, the protective film is based on the Apple protective film, and introduces several kinds of thermal The protective film style of the pin is convenient for customers to purchase. According to customer needs (protective film material, model, die requirements, packaging requirements, etc.) OEM production of mobile phone protective film, mobile phone protective film products are fully produced and packaged according to customer requirements.
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