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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-28
Only Chinese people put mobile phone protective film? Directly to the answer, the film is not a Chinese characteristic, but China is easy to make the film more widely used. Of course, this also includes developing countries like India. For mobile phones, the purpose of sticking a mobile phone protective film is to avoid the cost of replacing the screen. If a mobile phone is used for three years, you may consider sticking the film in the first two years and not sticking the film in the third year. But this strategy is effective on the premise that the price of replacing the screen is very high and the price of the mobile phone protective film is very low. Because the film is cheap in China, the film is widely used in other developing countries. However, in developed countries, labor and prices are usually very high, so the film cost is also very high. In contrast, the cost of changing the screen is in their The income is so insignificant that it is not cost-effective to use a film to solve the problem of screen replacement. In addition, developed countries usually make great efforts to solve environmental problems, so there will be less dust in the air, and the probability of gravel on the ground will be much smaller, so the probability of scratches and scratches is much smaller, so the necessity of filming Has also become smaller. Therefore, 1. The film is not a Chinese characteristic, it is available all over the world. 2. The large-scale application of mobile phone protective film is not a Chinese characteristic, but a characteristic of all developing countries, low-income countries, and countries with high dust and gravel pollution. 3. In developed countries with high per capita income, the cost of replacing the screen is very low and will not be applied on a large scale, but there will still be people who like to paste the film. 4. It is more meaningful to complain that other people stick films than to complain that China's per capita income is too low and the environmental quality is too poor. After solving these problems, naturally fewer people stick films. Is it necessary to stick a film? At present, mainstream mobile phone protection uses glass-like mobile phone screens, which have very high surface hardness and scratch resistance. 'Under normal circumstances, normal use will not cause damage to this kind of mobile phone protective film. Naturally, there is not much need to stick a mobile phone protective film. However, the problem is that the hardness of glass is not the highest. Generally, the hardness of glass is 6 Between -7, and the highest hardness diamond reached 10. There are also more common things than diamonds, that is, emery, the composition is silicon carbide (SiC), the hardness is 9.5, although it is slightly worse than diamond, but torture glass is More than enough, and even worse, this thing is scattered around the world. There are only one or two of the thousands of sand on the ground that are uneven. So if you insist on using SCHOTT glass as a mopping experiment, you may be fine this time. It will be ruined next time. What's more, even the hardness of sapphire (9) is still not dry than emery (9.5). So if you are in an environment where you often have to come into contact with sand, stones and other things, or if you are a classmate who often slips easily ( Such as me), then I still advise you to stick a film. If you are just an overtime worker squatting in front of the computer every day, or a careful classmate who does not litter your phone, then the film is really useless... and Extremely affect the feel. What I want to say here is that a good tempered film is no less than the screen itself in terms of feel and clarity.
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