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Mobile phone protective film, how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone film

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-03
1. Smell with your nose: Inferior mobile phone protective film vendors have deliberately simplified and reduced some processes. In order to reduce costs and achieve maximum benefits in a short time, the residual solvent benzene content of the protective film adhesive layer is high, which will smell great A peculiar smell seriously endangers health. 2. Alcohol wipe: Alcohol can both disinfect and dissolve some chemicals. If it is a poor quality film, it is basically a glue stained film. If you wipe the glue layer with alcohol, you will see the film discoloration and bleaching. 3. Transparency, reflectivity, heat insulation: the relationship between the three, generally speaking, transparency and heat insulation are inversely proportional, that is to say, the higher the light transmittance of the film, the worse the heat insulation. Reflective film, the higher the heat insulation. However, after the technical treatment, the film can also achieve high transmittance, low reflectance, and good heat insulation effect. However, the price is relatively high. Inferior mobile phone protective film will definitely not produce this kind of film. The cost is higher and there are more processes. 4. After the film is pasted, see if there are scratches: Inferior films generally do not use a hardened layer, and it is easy to leave scratches when installing the film, leaving residual glue to corrode the screen. Once the bubbles are generated during installation, it is difficult to quickly discharge the bubbles and cannot be reused. In summary, it is one smell, two rubs, three ratios, and four look.
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