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Mobile phone protective film | How to deal with the protective film when there are bubbles

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-04
The mobile phone protective film, first, is to protect the screen from scratches; second, it can reduce the radiation of the mobile phone. First of all, you have to prepare IC cards, credit cards, bank cards, etc. whose films are useless, even if the edges are relatively smooth, and the mirror cloth cannot shed hair. 1. Wash your hands, wipe the phone screen with a lens cloth, and take out the film. 2. The mobile phone protective film generally has labels 1 and 2. Under normal circumstances, the side of label 1 is the suction side. Tear this layer of label 1 down by about 1/3 to avoid dust and other small things. The particles fall on it and cannot be touched by the hand at the same time. 3. Align the film with the left and top edges of the screen, and tear off the label 1 layer from top to bottom. 4. Use the card to gently scrape the air bubbles while tearing it. If the effect is not good, you can paste it repeatedly. Finally, you can use the lens cloth to squeeze the remaining bubbles out. 5. Uncover the outermost layer of label 2. You need to be careful here and don't bring up the pasted protective film. 6 The last step is to press the protective film evenly with a lens cloth.
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