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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-05
High-definition, high-translucent, scratch-resistant and good light transmittance, using PET material imported from South Korea, no residual silica gel ions when electrostatic adsorption. The total thickness is 0.13mm, the use layer is 0.10mm, the hardness is 4h, the high temperature resistance is 120 degrees, and it is environmentally friendly and degradable. The LCD protective film increases the color reproduction of the screen, the product is more scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, smoother to use, not stiff and obscure, and shows the beauty of rhyme. Experience the rootacase high-transparent series film to enjoy as you want. The mobile phone protective film anti-fingerprint matte film matte anti-fingerprint series protective film advantages: anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, delicate touch, anti-reflective and anti-greasy. Imported PET material, translucent total thickness 0.13mm, use layer thickness 0.10mm, high transparency, 92% light transmittance, no rainbow, no bright spots, anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint effect silica gel The composite layer is adhesive to prevent the formation of air bubbles, easy to stick, and no residual glue is left after removal. The surface is antistatic, not easy to collect dust and contaminated, and the oil-resistant surface is treated with HC, which effectively prevents the LCD screen from scratching and abrasion. It also has the functions of anti-scratch, anti-dirt, and anti-fog, which can be washed and reused many times. Thinner, more transparent, and clearer. Brand new visual enjoyment! The perfect fusion of HD and anti-fingerprint with zero visual obstacles. With anti-radiation properties, it can effectively prevent eye fatigue, dryness, and decreased vision. The matte surface is perfectly integrated with professional primary color protection, high-definition and anti-fingerprints. It is made of highly translucent materials, with high-definition visual perception and zero visual obstacles, adding transparency and comfort to you. The screen sharpening effect is further improved, showing a perfect visual effect. The anti-fingerprint characteristics of the frosted surface are efficient, obvious, and wear-resistant, and can easily remove fingerprints, sweat, and oil. Give your love machine the most perfect protection.
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