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Mobile phone protective film die-cutting process control_pet protective film-dongguan mobile phone protective film wholesale factory

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-04
Mobile phone protective film die-cutting process control. After the protective film is printed, it must be die-cut on a circular knife machine. During the die-cutting process, attention should be paid to avoid scratches and ink chipping. The specific manifestation of ink chipping is that the ink layer on the edge of the product should have been laid Full and smooth, as a result, there will be no ink locally. The main cause of ink collapse during die-cutting is that the adhesion between the ink and the material is not strong enough. When the knife cuts the edge of the product, the ink layer is separated from the material, resulting in a jagged edge. Therefore, after printing the protective film product, the ink firmness should be checked to ensure that the ink firmness is good before die cutting. In addition, when the thickness of the ink layer is too thick, the ink collapse will also occur. There are several reasons for scratches in the die-cutting process. The most common one is the uneven rotation of the pressing roller, which causes the material and the pressing roller to rotate relatively slidingly. Therefore, check the pressing roller rotation before die cutting to ensure that the pressing rollers that are in contact with the material are flexible. In addition, foreign matter on the pressing roller will also scratch the protective film and will also cause blemishes. Therefore, before die cutting, use a clean cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe the pressing roller to ensure that the surface of the pressing roller is clean. , No foreign matter. The die-cut shape of the protective film is generally designed according to the requirements of the customer’s drawings, mainly according to the size of the customer’s mobile phone screen, usually a rectangle with rounded corners, with a handle at the bottom right corner of the rectangle, and the handle is printed on the back . Then attach a layer of PET, which is convenient for customers to assemble, and it is also convenient for consumers to remove the mobile phone protective film from the screen. Various shapes of protective film are die-cut with round knives, but the number of round knives will increase if the process is complex. For example, the protective film that needs to be attached to the handle needs to use two round knives and one cutting handle. Another cut shape.
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