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Mobile phone memory cleaning can save a few gigabytes of space by cleaning up like this

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-23
Posted on 07.05 Mobile phone memory cleaning tips, both Android and Apple. Methods/Steps 1. Regularly clean up background programs. Many programs in the phone will continue to run in the background after exiting, thus occupying space. You can use the mobile phone management software to regularly clean up the cache and background programs to 'lighten the burden' for the mobile phone. 1 2. Regularly turn on and off the phone regularly turns on and off the phone, which can release the memory, clear the cache of the browser, video and music, and use it more smoothly. 2 3. Automatic deletion of text messages Take the iPhone as an example, go to Settings→Message→Retain Messages and change the retention period from permanent to 30 days to automatically delete expired messages. 3 4. Turn off 'Keep photos with normal exposure'. Take the iPhone as an example, go to Settings→Photos and Camera, and turn off 'Keep photos with normal exposureOne photo occupies two spaces. 4 5. Transfer large files Install APP, photos, videos and other large files in the mobile phone on the SD card or back up to the computer to save space. 5 6. Turn off 'My Photo Stream' on the iPhone. You can turn off 'My Photo Stream' in Settings → Photos and Camera to relieve the pressure on icloud. 6 7. Update the system in time. If the system is not updated for a long time, the system may automatically use WiFi and the remaining space to download the update. 7 8. Restore to factory settings When the phone is poisoned by rogue software, you can restore the phone to factory settings after backing up applications such as phone contacts and text messages. 8
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