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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-03
Once the toughened cell phone protective film was born, it quickly became popular. For a mobile phone film with such a high unit price, the quality of the film is undoubtedly more important than the ordinary protective film. However, how can we simply and accurately identify the quality of the protective film of the tempered glass mobile phone? I believe that many people are still at a loss, without some intuitive methods. Tempered glass film is not like ordinary mobile phone protective film. You can only use a steel wire ball or a steel wire brush. A good tempered glass film can be directly hung on it with blades, scissors, keys and other hard and sharp objects. If scratches appear on the surface, it goes without saying that such a film will definitely not close. A good toughened glass mobile phone protective film is difficult to make obvious scratches on it. As for the identification of anti-fingerprints, many people know that if you press the finger directly, it will prevent it if there is a fingerprint, and it will prevent it if there is no fingerprint. But the specific effect is good, how good is it, and where it is not good, but few people know how to distinguish it. Here I give you two methods: dripping and writing! The surface of the protective film of tempered glass mobile phone with good anti-fingerprint property is all water-gathering. Drop a few drops of water on it, and the water will not disperse. If it is shaken, it will be like mercury rolling on the ground without any traces. Another way is to write on it with a big pen. With good fingerprint resistance, it is difficult to write something on it. Even if there is a little trace, there is no trace at all by simply rubbing it. If the anti-fingerprint performance is poor, everything can leave a mark on it, and the words written on it by the oil pen will have to be wiped off.
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