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Mobile phone applications are forcibly bundled and proliferated, eradicating profiteering chains and testing market supervision

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-13
In the third quarter of 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology carried out post-licensing supervision and inspection of smartphones. A total of 21 smartphone operating systems and 1,233 pre-installed application software were spot-checked, and a total of 35 bad mobile phone applications were found. It is reported that the software on these blacklists often involves issues such as illegally collecting user information, stealing user privacy, maliciously absorbing fees, forcibly bundling advertisements, and promoting other unrelated application software.   The mobile phone application market is chaotic and has been repeatedly banned. The main reason is that the criminals are driven by the black chain of interests. At the same time, they are well aware of the difficulty of proving problematic software infringements, so they feel confident.   35 mobile apps are blacklisted    some bad apps are on the blacklist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conducted technical inspections on the application software of 40 mobile application stores and found 35 types of bad software, mainly related to the illegal collection and use of user personal information, malicious 'chargingAmong them, Baidu Mobile Assistant's 'CheyouxinApplications such as '2014' have been pointed out for forcibly bundling and promoting other unrelated applications. Youyi Market’s 'Fishing Master 3 Arcade Edition' and 'Happy GuessingIt is reported that once users download, they will face direct economic losses of stolen traffic and phone bills.   Bad applications have always been a troublesome problem in the mobile Internet. It is understood that in the first quarter, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a test of software on the shelves of 40 mobile application stores, and 82 applications were found to be problematic, and 80 applications were found to be problematic in the second quarter. These problematic software all have problems involving illegal collection of user personal information, malicious deduction of fees, and forced bundling and promotion of other unrelated application software.  Mobile phone applications forcibly bundle advertisements to give birth to a black interest chain  CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) recently released the 'Ten Highlights of China's Internet Development in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan'. It is reported that during the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period, mobile phones surpassed computers to become the largest Internet terminal for Chinese netizens. The number of mobile Internet users in my country reached 594 million, a year-on-year increase of 86.8%, and the ratio of using mobile phones to surf the Internet was 20.5% higher than that of PCs. With the development of the mobile Internet, third-party applications APP are also in a stage of rapid growth, and are sought after by more and more consumers. With the rapid development of APP, problems involving illegal collection of user personal information, malicious deduction of fees, and forced bundling and promotion of other irrelevant application software are more common. Mobile terminals have become a new position for criminals to 'violate laws and regulations.' Bad applications will bring potential risks to users, such as traffic loss, user information leakage, and fee deductions. Looking at the current APP market, there are several major reasons for the chaos: “One, industry profiteering drives the proliferation of problematic software. According to the statistics of the Internet security agency in the first half of the year, a screenshot software used as a 'rogue software' was bundled with five software, and the number of affected users reached 1.16 million. One piece of software is priced at 0.7 yuan for each effective installation. According to this calculation, the screenshot software can make a total of 812,000 yuan from the software manufacturer, and the five bundled software can make half a year or more than one million yuan.  Second, it is difficult to prove the problematic software infringement. At present, there are many and mixed domestic APP channels, and the updated version is even more varied. This brings great difficulty to supervision, and the huge amount of supervision makes it impossible to cover everything. In many cases, the interests of users are lost. Due to technical limitations, it is generally difficult for consumers to prove the infringement, which eventually leads to failure. Third, the risk of illegality is low. Most of the time, users have difficulty in providing proof of infringement due to insufficient evidence. As a result, many companies or individuals that develop problem software have largely failed to bear the corresponding punishment, which has also led to many companies. Can often escape responsibility.  Increase illegal costs to protect the interests of users   Now APP has become a fast-growing industry with huge economic benefits. In the face of industrial chaos, supervision is essential. This requires the cooperation of all parties in the industry.   First of all, the regulatory authorities should increase supervision and increase the punishment for problematic software development companies and individuals. Liu Deliang, director of the Asia-Pacific Cyber u200bu200bLaw Research Center and professor of Beijing Normal University Law School, said: “The relevant APP providers should be allowed to bear the burden of proof and consider increasing the amount of compensation. Illegal costs have increased deterrence.” At the same time, relevant departments can strengthen supervision through technical means, such as increasing the frequency of spot checks and testing of major application stores, forcing application stores to pay attention to this.  Secondly, industry insiders suggest that mobile application stores should also increase the review and self-discipline of mobile application security to ensure the safety of application software in the store. In particular, the current Android system mobile phone applications are chaotic, each application store should strengthen the supervision of mobile phone applications to protect the interests of users, in order to make the entire market a virtuous circle.   Finally, users need to work hard to improve their self-protection awareness and skills, and read more about the terms of use on the APP. At the same time, strengthen the discrimination of false information on the APP.  Regardless of whether it is a regulatory authority, an enterprise or a user, only if they perform their duties and establish the necessary safety awareness to provide a safe and healthy use environment for the APP market, only in this way can the APP market develop better.
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