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Miss U smart bracelet for couples to play with you is more exciting

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-12
Summary of appearance and use Although its functions are limited, each function is still very practical for couples, and it is done very carefully. In terms of hardware, its configuration is also very special. In addition to the IPX54 level of dust and water resistance, it has a 500mAh battery and built-in GPS and Mirco SIM card. What's more special is that its function performance is very restrained. Although there are hardware devices for telephone communication, it only retains the functions of heartbeat packet, location and short voice transmission. For example, its 'anti-lost connection reminder functionThe possibility of disconnection and loss of contact, and early warning. This is probably a feature that hasn't been added to the couple's mobile phone yet, and it is also an original creation of MissU. In addition, its 'Miss You' function is simple enough and can be sent by clicking it, which can avoid the embarrassment of couples who just want to attract the attention of the other party and are afraid of nothing to say; the positioning is based on inquiry positioning, which will not be automatically reported, and the positioning and The design of the trajectory is more careful. For couples or couples, this is a smart device worth trying, especially for long-distance people.
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