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Microsoft launches 'Deadpool 2' theme limited Xbox One X: there is also a cheap theme handle

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-15
In addition to the 'Deadpool 2' theme controller, Xbox officially also announced a 'Armed Forces II' theme Xbox wireless controller, using fans' favorite modern army green camouflage pattern, also has Xbox wireless The latest and most powerful function of the handle. The handle is now on pre-sale, priced at 64.99 US dollars (about 436 yuan), and will be shipped to the global market on August 14. Xbox officially announced on Twitter today a limited Xbox One X console with the theme of 'Deadpool 2This 'Deadpool 2' themed host is printed with a huge 'Bad and Cheap' on the top, the body is in red and black color, the front is printed with the words 'Deadpool 2The color and pattern of the material of the battle suit. Compatible with this console, there is also a handle with the theme of cheapness. The overall color scheme also uses the color and pattern of the combat uniform fabric. The deadpool LOGO is printed on the right side, which is very cool. ,
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