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Mi Dual Port 65W Gallium Nitride Charger Photo Tour: Only the size of lipstick, no increase in price-Xiaomi, Tutu, Charger, Gallium Nitride ——Quick

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-01
Recently, Xiaomi launched a dual-port gallium nitride charger-Xiaomi GaN charger 65W (1A1C), priced at 149 yuan. Compared with the previous single Type-C charger, it is worth buying without increasing the price. Our fast technology has already got this new product, the following is a picture reward for everyone. In terms of appearance design, the Xiaomi GaN charger 65W (1A1C) is only 69cm3 in size, which is 23% smaller than the 65W fast charging version of the Xiaomi charger, and it can be easily put into your pocket. It has 65W high power, can charge laptops, dual-port fast charging, and comes with a 5A high-current Type-C to Type-C data cable, priced at 149 yuan. The output power of the Type-C interface of the Xiaomi GaN charger 65W (1A1C) is up to 65W, which can charge high-power devices such as new MacBook Pros and Xiaomi notebooks. It can provide the original charger with the charging power for Xiaomi 11, and it takes 45 minutes. Charge 100%. The power of the USB-A interface can be up to 18W when it is output alone, and the two interfaces can provide fast charging for electronic devices at the same time (45W+18W when the dual ports are output at the same time). Equipped with foldable pins, it is convenient to store, and it is not cumbersome to carry, and one can meet the needs of use when traveling on business.
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