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by:YoukingTech     2021-06-21

All about the style and uncanny control is not bold, but it contains a number of internal capabilities. This is 2 mega pixels camera, 2.5 inch LCD screen, a QWERTY keyboard, great features, such as games, and more comes with the integration. The style and enjoy the maximum benefits of the phone is really interested in a touch, the mobile phone will never let him down.

QWERTY keyboard, phone and SMS

QWERTY keyboard with integrated slider-type phone messages, accurate and faster for users to provide. messages written to facilitate the keyboard, the screen will display a good time with the inbuilt accelerometer sensor will turn 90 degrees. Only 16.8 mm thinness, the mobile user's exact accordance with a special bag or pocket is designed. He is also a suitable replacement for carrying around the laptop proved.

This is supported by the mobile phone onboard memory of 15 mega bytes is expanding community. Music and video files for storage of parts to its customers more room for the application of external memory cards can be obtained. pleasant and amused during the day to keep clients fully, this device, such as audio and video player that supports the integration of all popular file formats AAC +, eAAC +, MP3, MPEG4 and H.263.

In addition, a WAP 2.0 web browser for the youth, 'the main point that the other interest, and now you can send e-mail, Internet access and information to their friends via their phone using the Net to search on other functions can be. Net is a Java application support download games and ringtones for the last shall be submitted together with the. segments of information at the time.

LG really is touch and plenty of other media opportunities presented by combining stylish features of the phones are priced in the middle of a reasonable number of young people stepping forward to capture the market. LG LG KS360 is a convenient and small media center named after a full QWERTY keyboard, mobile phone offers.

Some attractive features

2 mega pixels camera module, mono-, negative, sepia and a few off color was flanked by the influence of a single. The quality of the pictures users can; various versions of super fine, fine, and the camera normal.The 320 x 240, 640, such as using the four resolutions, supports capturing pictures are x 480, 960 x 1280 x 1200 and 1600. Continuous shot option 1, 3,6, 9 as there is shooting.

entertainment of users, a music player that is to say, this mobile phone supports all popular file formats has been flanked. Users can record the conversation, the voice that shall be submitted together with the.

This device is supported by the internal memory, SMS, MMS, EMS, and e-mail message to the Bluetooth technology, such as advanced messaging card.Much using external memory, can be expanded up to 2 Giga bytes to 14 mega bytes. SMS facility as well as the appointment of two or more Bluetooth devices to transfer the music tracks and video clips of this fine group of integrated design is proposed, together with messaging.Bluetooth technology.

a number of high-speed data transfer between the devices in accordance with the proposed new technique for providing GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and USB support is. This is not a luxury here, the last of the customers that support the USB phone set of features for a long time span.The to provide a service, this device is embedded in a computer system or mobile phone to connect the battery laptop.Standard which AIDS Alarm clock, calculator, calendar, a number of features, stop time and a composer.

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