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Meizu ushered in the return of Huang Zhang, grabbing Ru0026D and capital operations

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-12
Huang Zhang returns to Meizu. Ru0026D and capital operation are grasped together [Abstract] At present, Huang Zhang is mainly responsible for the expansion of Meizu's product line and capital operation, and the company has begun to pursue development speed and scale.  Tencent Technology News (Liang Chen) On September 2, Meizu, which insisted on one product for a year, finally changed its strategy. Meizu Chairman and CEO Huang Zhang said that according to the plan, four products will be released this year, and one will be released every month.   Meizu released its new flagship product MX4 on Tuesday. This is an important product released by Huang Zhang after his 'return' to Meizu in February this year, but Huang Zhang did not attend the conference. Li Nan, vice president of Meizu, said that Huang Zhang's absence was because he was more focused on products. Currently, Huang Zhang is mainly responsible for Meizu's product line expansion and capital operation.   It is reported that Huang Zhang participated in the development process of MX4. Huang Zhang was dissatisfied with MediaTek's chip products. After communicating, he adjusted the CPU performance again. Li Nan also said that the return of Huang Zhang has brought three changes to the company: start to get in touch with capital, change the previous research and development through the profit of its own products, and financing can increase the speed of development; employee shareholding makes the company a popular and shareholding company; And beauty becomes scale first.   The most obvious result of the Huang Zhang New Deal is that Meizu changed its previous boutique strategy and began to enter a multi-point offensive product portfolio. Li Nan said that next, products in different price ranges will be launched at the price of 1999 yuan. 'This is similar to Nokia's strategy when it occupied about 40% of the market share.'    It is reported that although the MX4 released this time is positioned as a flagship machine, the price is 'low-endThe price has increased.   However, Li Nan did not disclose more information about the details of the previous financing, but he said that the financing is mainly used to expand the scale. Since the beginning of this year, the number of Meizu Ru0026D staff has increased by 40%, but the production capacity still needs time to be released.   In addition, Li Nan said that Meizu will use its Flyme advantages to build an ecosystem around smart hardware.
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