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Meizu MX5 fingerprint recognition setup tutorial

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posted on 05.19 With the popularity of the fingerprint recognition function of this mobile phone, various manufacturers have also greatly improved the fingerprint recognition function. The fingerprint recognition of Meizu MX5 has been improved a lot. Let’s take a look at how to set the fingerprint recognition of Meizu MX5. Bar. Method/Steps After adding fingerprints, we can choose to enable fingerprint screen unlocking, fingerprint payment, fingerprint application and document unlocking functions. Meizu MX5 can support up to 5 fingerprints, which can be your own or fingerprints of friends and relatives. 1 How to set the fingerprint recognition of Meizu MX5? All in all, Meizu MX5 fingerprint recognition settings are very simple, just enter the settings, and then find the fingerprint settings. 2 The first time you need to set up a digital password, you can enter your fingerprints after completion. 3 After the entry is successful, you can select the fingerprint recognition function that needs to be turned on in the fingerprint settings, and then you can use it normally. The steps are basically the same as most current fingerprint recognition mobile phone settings. 4 The registered fingerprints can be deleted or added in the fingerprint management. 5
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