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Meizu 16 series AnTuTu running points exposed 290,000 points outstanding performance

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-17
With the support of the Snapdragon 845, the performance will naturally not be mediocre. Recently, some netizens posted the Meizu 16's AnTuTu running score on Weibo. This is also the first time that the Meizu 16's running score has been exposed online. AnTuTu scored 291866 in this run, with a score of over 290,000, which proves its outstanding performance. Although netizens exposed this phone on Weibo with mosaics, it can be seen from the UI of the notification bar that it is a Meizu phone. Combined with Huang Zhang's previous revelations, this mobile phone with exposure scores can be determined to be Meizu 16 undoubtedly. Netizens who are worried about the performance of Meizu 16 can rest assured, I believe Meizu 16 will bring us even greater surprises this time. It is reported that Meizu will release a new generation of full-screen flagship Meizu 16 series next month, and Meizu X8 will be released at the same time, which is very worth looking forward to. Since it is the new flagship of Meizu, it will not be used in configuration. Judging from the current summary of news, Meizu 16 may adopt OLED screen, COF package, and support AOD screen fingerprint unlocking technology. In addition, the entire Meizu 16 series will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and under-screen fingerprint recognition. The design should be a full screen without bangs, and the screen aspect ratio is still the mainstream 18:9.
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