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Meizu 16 has finally been confirmed, Huang Zhang's 'work of hard work' is too disappointing!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-05
Let’s go back to the Meizu 16 mobile phone. The current exposure information basically confirms the hardware configuration. It is equipped with two versions of the Snapdragon 845 processor and the Snapdragon 710. It has a 2950mAh battery. The Meizu 16 Plus will start with 6+128GB storage. Huang Zhang It is said that the price will not exceed 3,500 yuan, but in this case, the price of the Meizu 16 Plus with 8GB+128GB may be above 3,600 yuan. I don’t know what do you think? To sum up, Huang Zhang has broken the news for the Meizu 16 phone many times before, but after the battery, appearance and other aspects are determined, the author is still a little disappointed. I don't know if the old Meizu friends find it acceptable? Meizu 16 officially entered the Internet yesterday, and the ID photo was directly exposed, but after reading it, many people felt that the appearance was really ugly, and the appearance design seemed to be the same as last year’s “18:9 screen ratio”. A closer look at the yuan phone, in fact, the front is a bit similar to the Redmi 5plus phone, while the back of the fuselage is a bit similar to this year’s OnePlus 6. This design has also been complained by many people. Meizu 16 has finally been confirmed, and this is yellow. Zhang's 'work of hard work'? However, Meizu executive Li Nan may also be worried that everyone’s impression of Meizu 16 has deteriorated in an instant, and immediately released three renderings on social networks, hoping to change the impression of Meizu 16, but it is clear that we start from here. You can see from the three pictures. In fact, these renderings all use the 'side' of the mobile phone, which will further reduce the 'border' visually, giving people a visual illusion, instead of taking a photo of the front, plus rendering The picture is not the real machine picture, obviously 'the picture looks better than the real machine'.
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