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MediaTek officially released the 12nm process processor Helio A22 released

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-18
PingWest Pinwan News on July 18, MediaTek has officially released the processor Helio A22 chip with 12nm process, and announced the detailed configuration specifications of the chip. Helio A22 uses four A53 architecture designs (the highest clocked frequency is 2.0GHz) and 12nm process technology, integrated PowerVR graphics processor, the screen supports up to 1600×720 resolution and 20:9 ratio. The memory supports LPDDR3-933 and LPDDR4X-1600, the maximum capacities are 4GB and 6GB respectively, and the storage supports eMMC 5.1. It supports up to 2100W pixel single camera or '1300W+800W' pixel dual camera, and supports face unlocking, smart album, single/dual camera background blur, multi-frame noise reduction, clear image zoom and other functions.
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