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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-08
Today we talk about the application of PET protective film with different thicknesses. Everyone knows that the use rate of PET protective film in the electronics industry is very high, and the thickness of the tape used in different applications is also different. The thickness of the PET protective film on the market is 30μm to 245μm varies. Now let’s analyze for everyone, what are the properties of PET protective films of different thicknesses, and in which areas are they mainly used? 30μm PET protective film, although thin, it has good shear resistance and excellent bonding strength, anti-aging performance and UV resistance performance are very good, the probability of fogging is very low, generally used for LCD and fixed nameplates Wait. The 50μm-60μm PET protective film is generally light and thin, but it also maintains a good bonding effect. It is mainly used for the pasting of nameplates, earphone and microphone accessories, fixing of reflective films for digital cameras, and between LCD reflectors and backlight film sets. And the fixing of the outer frame of the center button of the mobile phone. The 80μm PET protective film has good bonding ability at room temperature. It is suitable for pasting on smooth polar surfaces, fixing LCD frames, digital camera buttons and hard materials, and fixing LCD front shells and panels. The 100μm PET protective film has good adhesion strength to smooth surfaces. It is mainly used to fix the LCD backlight film group and the bottom frame. The 125μm PET protective film has good overall performance, has good adhesion performance to most materials, and has excellent shear resistance and temperature resistance. It is mainly used for fixing windows and lenses, fixing LCD modules in digital cameras, and fixing between LCD backlight film group and bottom frame. The 150μm PET protective film can maintain good adhesion at high and low temperatures. It is suitable for EPDM sealing strips and has good anti-CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) performance. The 160μm PET protective film not only has excellent shear strength, temperature resistance and sticking ability, but also can guarantee reliable sticking effect under harsh external environment. It is mainly used for fixing the windows of mobile phones, lenses, batteries, and fixing the rubber memory cards of digital cameras and battery boards. The 200μm PET protective film has strong temperature resistance and is mainly used for fixing windows, lenses, batteries, digital camera rubber sheets, memory cards, and battery boards. 240μm PET protective film, thicker material, high hardness, generally used in the industrial production of large pieces, suitable for fixing molds and decorative parts in furniture, fixing electronic load-bearing parts, and bonding to make cards, generally thicker The lower the cost.
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