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Luo Yonghao: Start the next-generation OS Ru0026D plan within six months, not based on Android

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-08
In fact, TNT's 'radical' test has revealed Luo Yonghao's intention to unify PCs and mobile phones to create a seamless operating experience on multiple platforms. As early as the warm-up stage before the TNT conference, Luo Yonghao has repeatedly said that the new system will make 'cross-age upgrades' in productivity tools and other aspects, and experience rolling over iOS and Windows. It's just that everything is not mature enough, and the experience is not so perfect. Perhaps, from the bottom of my heart, Lao Luo is already dissatisfied with Android. Looking at the global mobile phone market, only Apple can integrate its own hardware and software without being constrained by other operating systems. The question is, can Lao Luo really do it? I hope that when the time comes, Lao Luo will give the hammer fans and hammer black people a satisfactory answer. Nut Pro 2S, TNT, Infinite Screen, Smartisan OS 6.6.5, Bullet SMS... At the press conference tonight, Hammer Technology brought many new software and hardware products in one go. Still unfinished? At the end of the conference, Lao Luo released a blockbuster! ——Start the research and development plan of the next-generation underlying OS within half a year. The new operating system is not based on Android, and not only for mobile phones.
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