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Luo Yonghao self-balance

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-08
Although its price is only 1798 yuan, it is a product that can guarantee sales at this stage; software-level updates on the system-including bullet messages and unlimited screens-are cool and innovative. In Luo Yonghao's words, it is 'hundreds Surprising detailsAs for the TNT workbench, the risk is high, the investment is high, and the return is slow, which is a very radical decision for the enterprise. Its delayed shipment is expected. Wu Dezhou, chief operating officer of Hammer Technology, explained in an interview with Phoenix Technology reporter, “Manpower is the most important reason. The company’s manpower is limited, and the workload of development is beyond our expectations, especially the three major office items. In our early days, Underestimated its difficulty.' When Luo Yonghao introduced the Nut Pro 2S, the crowd cheered. But after the TNT session, there was a lot of silence in the audience. Three months later, Luo Yonghao returned to the center of the stage. At this time, the tension and anxiety at the huge but unsatisfactory press conference of the Bird's Nest on May 15 have disappeared from Luo Yonghao's face. He has returned to a relaxed, humorous, and self-confident state. He took the initiative to chat about the press conference. At that time, Hammer Technology released the first flagship mobile phone Nut R1 in two years, and also demonstrated the so-called 'next-generation computing platform'. Within three months, there were more ridicules and doubts from the outside than ever before. The visitors all expected Luo Yonghao to give a response and explanation in the next press conference. But this 'answer sheet' may continue to disappoint the disappointed: On August 20, at the Hammer Technology summer new product launch conference, CEO Luo Yonghao released the new mobile phone Nut Pro 2S and several software updates, and announced the TNT workbench. Delayed delivery, currently only the public beta version of the Smartisan OS TNT desktop system can be launched. We use a speculative perspective to understand the content of this conference: the launch of the Nut Pro 2S on the hardware side, as Luo Yonghao himself said, 'is a steady stepI don't know if you can't imagine every work scene he introduced because you didn't see the physical product, or the news of the delayed shipment confuses them. Some people are indeed confused. The price of 9999 yuan and the delayed shipment are TNT workstations (hardware), not TNT's software system. Wu Dezhou believes that most people don’t understand the negative reviews of TNT. “Everyone has a lot of misunderstandings. For example, when Lao Luo showed more voice, everyone thinks that only voice operation is needed, and more experience is needed to make judgments.” He also promised. Said, “One thing is certain that we will continue to develop the TNT system, and (workstations) are expected to be shipped in October.” Zhu Xiaomu, vice president of the User Experience Center, said, “(This press conference) Infinite Screen It’s just the beginning. We will continue on this road. Its imagination is limitless.' The hammer’s series of 'productivity tools' are increasingly forming a new whole, and they are constantly declaring that the company wants to The determination to get rid of the traditional way of working. Objectively speaking, when touch and voice technologies are gradually mature and global PC manufacturers are becoming conservative, the attempts brought by JMGO TNT workstations are commendable. But the fact that I have to admit is that such an attempt that may not be just needed, and lack of third-party support 'productivity toolsTNT is an 'experimental' product, which represents Hammer Technology's vision for the way people interact with productivity tools in the future, and it also represents something that Luo Yonghao believes in. However, it has been unable to speak with the product for a long time, and has been in the stage of self-promotion. It is inevitable that negative voices will be amplified continuously. The Matthew effect in the mobile phone industry is becoming more and more obvious. The four major domestic mobile phone manufacturers (Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo) together account for 82% of the market share, leaving less and less opportunities for second- and third-tier manufacturers. As Wu Dezhou said, it will be more difficult for mobile phone brands without innovation to survive. But what about the hammer, has it already gone astray on the road of innovation? It can be found that Hammer Technology has special persistence in the two points of 'improving work efficiency' and 'innovative interactionLuo Yonghao has always existed in the mobile phone industry with a 'special' image. But now we can see that Luo Yonghao is looking for a balance between self-paranoia and running the company. On the one hand, TNT represents personal 'idealism' forward; on the other hand, the company relies on relatively cheap mobile phones to drive sales. On the one hand, he still insists on leading the hammer to innovate and take risks. On the other hand, he also begins to respect the cycle, trend, objective laws and reality, as well as the realistic expectations of the employees of the hammer. Luo Yonghao once said, “If we try to make a new thing, the risk is so great that it will cause the company to hang up, and we will restrain it and do it at a more suitable time.” Hammer Technology was founded six years ago and experienced the early Hammer OS mobile phone system jump. For Luo Yonghao, the difficult research and development of TNT workstations is not enough to be called a 'crisis' for Luo Yonghao, due to the insufficient production capacity of T1 and T1 and the capital chain crisis in the second half of 2016. 2018, belonging to Hammer Technology, was slightly more radical, but it was not smoother than before. Although Luo Yonghao believes that 'everything is under controlA successful entrepreneur must first ensure that his business has enough money to run well. Therefore, making profits and making money, things that once made Luo Yonghao disdain, may be problems that he has to face squarely sooner or later.
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