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Luo Yonghao launched a new generation of nut mobile phones, which is more eye-catching than AI is the AV capability

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-08
The new machine is also equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 710 processor, which is one of the flagship chips with AI processing unit that Qualcomm will promote this year, which can bring innovations in camera, game and other experience. In terms of cameras, the Nut Pro 2S uses the flagship Sony IMX363 sensor, the main lens is 12 million pixels + 5 million pixels dual lens, 1.4μm large pixel size, and has dual-core ultra-fast focusing. At the same time, with the help of AI algorithm capabilities, JMGO Pro 2S supports more than 200 kinds of scene recognition, can adjust and optimize camera parameters according to the recognized scene, and support Arcsoft background blur and HDR algorithm, Almalence super-resolution algorithm. Of course, the bright spot of Hammer's new products is still in the software system. The Nut Pro 2S released this time is equipped with the newly upgraded Smartisan OS system. Based on the classic three-piece set: Big Bang, One Step, and Flash Capsule, the Smartisan OS system incorporates the brand-new 'TNT' large-screen operating system and bullet text messages. , Infinite screen function. Luo Yonghao and Hammer Technology can always bring something different. At the new product launch conference held on August 20th, Luo Yonghao launched a new product of Hammer Technology mobile phone: Nut Pro 2S. As an upgraded version of JMGO Pro 2, the new product has iterative updates in terms of performance, AI support, battery life, photography and industrial design. But as always, the biggest bright spot of Hammer's new products still comes from software innovation: 'TNT' large-screen operating system, bullet text messages, and unlimited screens are the core new selling points this time. And when all mobile phone manufacturers are using AI, 3D vision, and AR as their new selling points, Luo Yonghao came up with an AV-Augmented Virtual, an enhanced virtual solution. The price of the Nut Pro 2S released this time for the dual-system mobile phone is positioned at the 2,000 yuan file. Look at the goods directly: The Nut Pro 2S has no major changes in appearance and design from the previous generation, but the color scheme is richer and in line with current trends. In addition to carbon black (thin red line version) and pure white, there are also new colors such as glare blue and glare red. Among them, the 'TNT' large-screen operating system is a further attempt to connect mobile phones and computers, and it is also the first dual-system (mobile phone system + PC system) mobile phone on the market. To put it simply, Smartisan OS also built a PC desktop system in the mobile phone system Smartisan OS, based on the voice + touch interaction introduced during the last TNT release, to achieve the collaboration of mobile phone and computer tasks. Moreover, the 'TNT' large-screen operating system is also a 'renovation' move after the failure of the TNT Workstation by Hammer, which reduces the entry barrier through software and is compatible with more hardware or unofficial hardware. In terms of price, the Nut Pro 2S has three different memory versions, 4GB+64GB / 6GB+64GB / 6GB+128GB, and the price is 1798 yuan / 1998 yuan / 2298 yuan respectively. The AV capability is eye-catching. This time the new machine is released, and the system has new products. Among them, the new features include unlimited screens. In terms of thinking, Infinite Screen hopes to break the boundary limitation of the mobile phone's physical screen and bring more space outside the mobile phone screen into interaction. After it is turned on, a multi-interface spatial layout can be displayed on the phone screen. Users only need to move the phone up, down, left, and right with one hand to switch tasks, quickly enter applications, quickly take selfies, quickly enter maps, etc. And in some applications, such as photo albums and AutoNavi maps, you can view different details by moving, which greatly improves the efficiency of multi-application window switching and in-app viewing content, especially when viewing the panorama in the mobile phone, moving left and right You can view every detail of the panorama. The map function in 'Unlimited Screen' is customized in-depth with AutoNavi Maps, and you can view the details of the map by moving left, right, up, down, and forward. In terms of specific implementation, the infinite screen actually 'enhanced' the display of the mobile phone in the virtual world, such as the map, the part outside the mobile phone screen, the hammer is 'prepared' in the virtual world, instead of directly retrieving the real space. Different from the current exploration of AI, 3D vision, and AR in opening up the virtual world and the real world, Hammer has created a 'illusion' that connects virtual and reality by enhancing the capabilities of the virtual world. However, in terms of interaction, it also requires movement in the real world, and requires the cooperation of cameras and gyroscopes, so it is natural to be ridiculed again: In addition, in this new product release, the bullet message introduced in the last TNT was brought to the nut In mobile phones, an IM instant messaging product is actually created through voice + text as the core interactive means. Teacher Luo's original intention may be to improve work and communication efficiency, but the challenges facing bullet text messages are also obvious. On the one hand, this is an unsuccessful attempt by Xiaomi MiChat and Apple iMessage. At least MiChat and iMessage were defeated by WeChat and WhatsApp for no reason. On the other hand, in front of bullet text messages are IM giants such as WeChat and the cost of user migration. The live show was very cool, and I don't know if Lei Jun will cry or Zhang Xiaolong will be silent. In short, it is not helpful to talk more, the specific effects and feedback will be clear after the real machine is sold. Would you buy Nut Pro 2S?
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