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Lost your phone accidentally? You can try this method!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posted on 05.18 Losing mobile phones in life often happens. If the mobile phone falls into the hands of others accidentally, the important information inside will be leaked, and it will even threaten the safety of our family and friends. If you take precautions in advance and find a way to get it back, the risk will be reduced. The editor tells everyone that you can try the following method. And without spending any money, you only need to download a Tencent Mobile Security Manager APP on your phone! Method/Steps First, we turn on the phone, find the Tencent Mobile Manager icon on the main interface of the mobile phone, and click to enter the mobile phone manager homepage. 1 Then, find the Personal Center in the upper right corner and find QQ Protection and WeChat Protection under the interface title. 2 We can use WeChat account to log in to Mobile Manager. 3 After successfully logging in, the butler will automatically scan your WeChat and mobile phone systems for safety. 4 If the system detects that WeChat is at risk, immediately repair the risk item and turn on the anti-theft function of the mobile phone. 5 Confirm that the mobile phone anti-theft is turned on. After this step is completed, the WeChat protection function is successfully turned on. 6 The phone protection is successfully turned on. If the phone is stolen, you can log in to the phone manager to locate the phone, back up, lock data, and so on. 7
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