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Live video of Apple conference: analysts said no surprises, stock prices fell

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-13
Apple’s new iPad is more efficient, lighter and thinner, with only minor improvements in functions, such as the fingerprint recognition system. Some analysts said that on the eve of the holiday shopping season when mobile communication devices are expected to sell well, the iPad only adds a few new features, which makes it difficult for consumers to surprise consumers.    Apple CEO Tim Cook said at today’s press conference that Apple’s new products, including iMac with Retina 5K display, are the best products in Apple’s history. But analysts say that consumers can choose from hundreds of hand-held and touch screen devices on the market, and the new iPad is difficult to set off the craze of the past few years. Gartner analyst Van Baker said: 'I have to be honest, the only amazing thing is the iMac with the 5K resolution Retina display. The other things we see are just improving the iPad over and over again. '   The 12-inch screen iPad, which was rumored to the outside world, did not appear at today's press conference. JP Gownder, an analyst at Forrester Research, said: “It’s disappointing that Apple did not launch the 12.9-inch iPad, especially for those buyers.” He said: “To make iPad sales more important. To return to high growth, we must have innovations in appearance. Now we have to wait until next year to see if Apple can solve this problem.” Gu Neng also estimated that despite the continued boom in smartphone sales, sales of tablet computers will only be about this year. The growth of 11% is far lower than the 55% of last year.   Apple today launched new tablet computers iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 as scheduled, as well as iMac computers with 27-inch displays. The iPad Air 2 starts at US$499 and the iPad mini is US$399. The price of iMac starts at $2499.   Apple’s stock price went down unremarkably today, closing at US$96.26 per share, a decrease of 1.31%
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