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Light transmittance 88% and 99% display effect-Dongguan Optical Materials Wholesale Production

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-30
The protective film made of PP material is relatively soft in texture and poor in light transmittance, and has basically been eliminated; the protective film made of PVC material for mobile phones has a soft texture and is easy to stick, but the workmanship is rougher and the packaging is simple. It has poor scratch resistance and longer service life. Short, most of the protective films that come with cheap mobile phones are made of this kind of material; while the protective film of PET material has a light transmittance of 90%, and it is not easy to appear bubbles, but the reflectivity is high, and it is difficult to see clearly on the screen. It is also easy to leave fingerprints and other traces; ARM material is currently the best mobile phone protective film on the market, which is more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, has high light transmittance (above 95%), and does not reflect light. The transmittance of the protective film made of tempered glass can reach up to 98%, but the price of this protective film is also more expensive.
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