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LG's new smartphones are long overdue and featureless, fearing to be cannon fodder

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-11
In September, when smartphones were swarmingly released, LG's G2 product was officially released. It has been criticized by various critics. The price of 4,299 yuan is about twice as high as that of domestic new products such as Meizu and Xiaomi. It lacks special functions, insufficient market promotion, and insufficient attention to the Chinese market. These seem to herald the fate of LG G2's cannon fodder.  No price-performance ratio  The price of 4,200 yuan is about twice as high as that of domestic new products such as Meizu and Xiaomi. In terms of parameters, there is not much more than these two products.   Therefore, although this product is a product of a major international manufacturer, currently Samsung S4, Apple’s iPhone 5C and other similarly priced products have more attention. Lack of special features Whether you like it or not, the current hot attention products on the market have their promotional highlights. Apple’s color shell iPhone 5C and local gold iPhone 5S with fingerprint unlocking, Xiaomi’s super cost-effective, Samsung’s Note 3 The screen and the stylus are a shining spot that many people choose.   The LG G2 puts the volume button on the back to attract consumers inevitably, and it is inevitable that it is unable to do so, and there is no fingerprint unlocking that is said to lead Apple.  Market publicity is far from enough.  I believe that the scenes of the gongs and drums of the Xiaomi conference and the scene of people watching the launch of Apple or Samsung’s new phones in front of the computer will never happen to LG in China. Regardless of the marketing methods used by others, a lot of popularity has brought about the hot sales of the product.   The LG G2 was released earlier than Xiaomi and earlier than Samsung and Apple, but the attention of this product to be released in China is almost different from that of other products.  Insufficient investment in the Chinese market  Whether it is compared with domestic manufacturers such as Xiaomi or Lenovo, LG obviously does not understand China as much as they do. Even compared with manufacturers like Samsung, LG is far behind. Although LG's products are still popular in other parts of the world, Samsung will launch customized versions of various operators for consumers in China.
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