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Let go of your ten thousand worries! The OPPO Find X process is rigorous, and the friends are shocked

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-19
Users who get OPPO Find X are naturally happy, but there are still many doubts in the minds of many consumers who have not had time to experience it. These doubts mainly come from the consideration of the quality of OPPO Find X. The unique body design is satisfactory, and the super high standard quality is also reassuring. Why do people have so many doubts about OPPO Find X? Probably because the body structure of OPPO Find X is very difficult and valuable in today's mobile phones. In order to achieve a true full screen, OPPO Find X has brought a new style of lifting camera, not only that, it has also become the only smart phone with no holes on the front and back. For this reason, the service life of OPPO Find X lift camera has become the focus of everyone's attention. In the OPPO factory line of the media, technicians repeatedly tested the aging of the lifting camera. It is found that the OPPO Find X lift camera has a consistent quality after more than 300,000 endurance tests. 'Boom!' When the phone fell, the screen of the phone 'flowered' inadvertently. I believe that even if you haven't experienced this situation, your relatives and friends around you must have encountered it. That shows how important it is to choose an ultra-high-quality mobile phone. Recently, the sales of OPPO Find X, the future flagship of the extraordinary one, are in full swing, and the first batch of online and offline stocks on the day of the first sale on July 13 have been consumed in a short period of time. In addition, thanks to the blessing of COP packaging technology, OPPO Find X has no bangs, and the chin has basically disappeared. And OPPO Find X components are hidden in the body, so the appearance is very sad and pleasing. But everything has passed careful consideration and consideration. For example, mobile phone antenna headroom has always been a part of structural design that needs to be considered, after all, this is related to the most basic communication performance. However, in a full-screen mobile phone, squeezed by the width of the frame and other components, there is less space for the antenna. This time, Find X uses a sliding + distributed antenna solution. The design is completely independently developed by OPPO, and the clearance area on both sides is 0.9mm, and the clearance area at the bottom is 1.2mm. ?? In addition, since the camera module also contains antennas such as GPS, the current antenna performance of Find X in the sliding-out state is actually greater than or equal to the default state of Find X, which also takes into account some use scenarios such as live video. Therefore, in the process of OPPO Find X production and research and development, all the problems related to the user experience effect, the mobile phone manufacturers have done relevant tests intimately. After countless drop tests, the fluency of OPPO Find X remains unchanged. You must have thought about it. If the lift camera of OPPO Find X drops while being opened, what kind of horrible situation will happen? In the production workshop of OPPO Find X, technicians performed a slight drop test and a gravity drop test on it. Whether it is a close drop from the ground or a rapid drop from high altitude, OPPO Find X has not weakened its performance in all aspects after being picked up, nor will it become slow in response. After using OPPO Find X, are you still afraid of heavy rain? In daily life, in addition to the accidental fall of the mobile phone when it comes out, there is also a situation where it accidentally falls into the water. Think about the bitter scene of fishing out a mobile phone. Perhaps many mobile phone users have tried to blow a hair dryer through their mobile phones. When OPPO Find X does quality testing, it also includes rain testing. OPPO Find X is placed on the desktop without any cover, imitating the raining scene and constantly 'washing'. After the test, the phone body was wiped clean, OPPO Find X was still used as usual, and the performance was not affected at all. ?? Micro drop test, drop test, lift aging test, dust test and rain test. In the production process, technicians try their best to restore all unexpected scenes that may be encountered in life. The performance of OPPO Find X completely makes everyone feel at ease, because even in today's mass production stage, when the product leaves the factory, there will still be random inspections. Try to avoid the occurrence of poor product quality. Do you have any doubts about such a responsible manufacturer? The second batch of spot goods will be officially released on July 20th, so please hurry up and prepare for the 'war'.
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