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Less than a month after the release: Apple’s anti-lost artifact AirTag has been cracked-crack,AirTag ——Quick Technology (Drive Home

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-29
Apple's anti-lost artifact has been cracked less than a month after its launch. According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, an information technology security researcher from abroad shared the process of cracking AirTag on social media, exposing some potential security risks of AirTag. It is reported that at the 2021 Apple Spring New Product Launch Conference on April 21, a new product AirTag was released. Its small and exquisite design, and built-in new self-developed chip U1, uses UWB technology to achieve precise location positioning, and is also known as an anti-lost artifact. As a new product, and the main location tracking function, this has also attracted the attention of many security researchers. A blogger named @stacksmashing from Twitter shared the process of cracking AirTag online. According to the blogger’s description, he reverse engineered AirTag’s microcontroller, but this process is obviously not easy. Not only to hack the AirTag's microcontroller and flash the firmware, but also to change the NFC URL. Stacksmashing said that when AirTag is in lost mode, the device will be prompted when an NFC-enabled device approaches, and the AirTag can be located through the website by opening the prompt. Therefore, through the rewritten NFC URL, when AirTag is in loss mode and people try to locate through the website, they will be directed to the newly written address, and the address may also have malware. However, stacksmashing stated that it is not for malicious purposes to crack AirTag. Of course, this also exposes some potential dangers of the equipment.
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