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Lenovo S820: Designed for women, no reason to pamper yourself

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-09
The domestic brand Lenovo is closely targeting the female mobile phone market. Following last year's Lenovo S720, another mobile phone featuring the female market, Lenovo S820, was also unveiled recently. Female mobile phones are no longer simply members of the 'Appearance Association'. The more powerful configuration and targeted operating system make this type of mobile phone more and more popular among female users. A collection of thousands of favorites. Lenovo S820 uses the very brilliant flamenco red as the main color of the fuselage shell. It has a stylish and elegant appearance. It is equipped with a 4.7-inch 720P screen. The chip is a 1.2GHz MT6589 quad-core processor from MediaTek. , With the Android4.2 system and Lenovo's characteristic interface, the whole machine runs smoothly, a variety of gestures and somatosensory operations, and intimate female applications are also one of the highlights of the phone. Flamenco-style appearance For a female mobile phone, the appearance of Lenovo S820 will not disappoint the appearance party. The smooth and rounded lines like pebbles are matched with the flamenco red shell, which is hot and dazzling. It only takes a glance. People remember this phone. And this gorgeous color is also very good to cater to this year's popular color, for female users, no matter what dress, it can play a good finishing touch with this phone.   In addition, the glass of the mobile phone screen is also very strong, using Corning's second-generation Gorilla scratch-resistant glass design, which can better protect the screen. The front camera, earpiece, Lenovo logo and light distance sensor are designed above the screen. The earpiece is designed to be close to the frame, and the front camera reaches the 2 million pixel specification. With the beauty function in the beautiful magic mirror built in the phone, you can directly take the most beautiful photos without post-processing. Below the screen is Lenovo’s iconic four-leaf clover HOME button and function and return buttons, with backlighting, which is convenient and beautiful. Of course, the breathing light is also an indispensable element of a female phone. Humanized operation + female application  The feminine characteristics of Lenovo S870 are not only reflected in the dazzling appearance, but also very elegant on the inside. In addition to adding a lot of Lenovo music elements, the interface designed based on the Android4.2 system has also been designed specifically for female users. The round head and round brain icons on the desktop are very Lenovo-specific. Click the function button to call up the desktop editing function, you can add plug-ins, change themes and wallpapers, etc. The themes such as Love Corner, Palace Afternoon Tea, and Forest are all Lenovo’s special for women. Tailored for users, each has its own characteristics. The corner of love is suitable for cute little girls, the afternoon tea at the palace gives people an elegant and beautiful feeling, and Sen is very literary.
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