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Lenovo releases 100W dual C-port gallium nitride charger: 199 yuan, one is enough to go out-Lenovo, charger ——Quick Technology (driver)

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-29
Recently, Lenovo released a 100W dual-port gallium nitride charger called 'Xiaoxin CC100 dual-port GaN chargerThis charger has two Type-C interfaces, in addition to providing 100W fast charging for notebooks, it also takes into account the charging of mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Its single port supports blind plug output 100W, and the output power of the charging head can be allocated according to the number of devices; when dual ports are used at the same time, the maximum output power can reach 65W+35W. Lenovo's 100W dual-port GaN charger adopts a foldable pin design, which can be stored in the shell for easy use outside. The measurements are 71mm X 70mm X 30mm and the weight is 248g. The upper limit of ordinary cable current transmission is only 3A, and the power is limited to 20V/3A 60W. Lenovo has equipped it with a high-current data cable with a built-in 5A E-Marker chip that supports 20V/5A 100W full power fast charging. Lenovo's gallium nitride charger is currently on the Lenovo Jingdong flagship store. It is available in black and white and is priced at 199 yuan. Purchase link: Jingdong (199 yuan)
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