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Lei Jun Xiaomi’s most failed mobile phone, so miserable that no one cares about crazy price cuts

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-05
From the configuration point of view, the processor adopts the Snapdragon 625, which is not as good as the Snapdragon 650/652 used in the previous generation of Xiaomi Max. However, what is uncomfortable is that the price of Mi Max 2 is more expensive than Mi Max! So Xiaomi Mi Max2 has also been frantically complained by netizens that the price/performance ratio is too low. Where is the good price/performance ratio? The disapproval of the majority of netizens is reflected in the sales of mobile phones. The sales of Xiaomi Max2 can be said to be very average, and it can be seen in the first month after it was released, but the sales ranking afterwards disappeared. Seeing that the market is bleak, Lei Jun can’t sit still. The price of the 4+64GB version of Mi Max 2 in Yihaodian has dropped from 1,699 yuan to 1,588 yuan, and the price of the 4+128GB version has dropped even more drastically, from 1999 yuan to 1999 yuan. 1768 yuan. But what's worse is that no one cares about crazy price cuts! I can only say that we must listen to the opinions of the majority of netizens when we release new mobile phones in the future! So, do you like Mi Max 2? At the same price, would you consider other Xiaomi models or other domestic mobile phones? 2017 can be said to be the year of Xiaomi's counter-attack. After experiencing the low ebbs in 2015 and 2016, Xiaomi has finally returned to the top five in the world's mobile phone shipments. It can be said that the momentum is booming! However, under a good situation, a Xiaomi mobile phone made Lei Jun unhappy. Many people may pay more attention to Mi 6, but they may not be impressed by the new large-screen mobile phone Mi Max2. From the appearance design point of view, the Mi Max2 adopts an all-metal body. The key is to make a large curved surface design on the edge of the phone, while adopting a hidden antenna, and a 6.44-inch 1080P display on the front. What is gratifying is that this time, the black border problem that everyone complained about in the previous generation has been eliminated, and the positive aesthetics has been increased.
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