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LCD TV screen protective film, Dongguan PET protective film

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-01
The screen protection film also has powerful features: anti-electromagnetic radiation composite coating-absorbs and reflects the electromagnetic waves covered by the liquid crystal panel to prevent or reduce radiation, while preventing static electricity, less sticky dust, anti-glare matt processing coating-balanced liquid crystal panel Image effect, reduce the screen bright light radiation burning eye, at the same time ensure high-quality light transmission performance (97% light transmission), hardened crystal treatment surface-strong resistance to collision and scratch damage, to ensure that the surface of the protective film is long-lasting and shiny, electrostatic silicon ions Laminated layer-no glue residue, no sticky screen, non-corrosive, can be repeatedly pasted and water-based cleaning. TV screen protective film is anti-radiation, the most technical screen protective film. Real anti-radiation screen protection film, up to 30CMM ability to resist accidental impact, surface 4H carbon crystal hardening strength, anti-wear scratch damage, anti-dazzling matte effect, electrostatic silicon ion adsorption bonding layer, high optical permeability. LCD screen protective film was first used to protect mobile phone screens, and then developed into laptop screens, tablet computers and other LCD screens to protect the screen. And now there are more and more tablet product lines, and peripheral products are updated. In addition to purchasing a tablet, users generally purchase peripheral accessories, such as tablet bags, screen protectors, and so on. For tablet computers whose screens are often touched, the wear resistance and smoothness should also be high, and the wear resistance of the film is very important.
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