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Youking LCD Buyback and Recycle Programm


What do you do with all your cracked iPhone, iPad, Samsung screen and Huawei screens after you finish a repair? Youking offers the perfect solution, LCD buybacks Program!  We will recycle your broken screens and refurbish them.  Pricing changes on LCD buyback pricing from time to time due to market volatility. A rate is not locked in until the day you ship your buyback. 

Please contact us for updates on recycle cost !


How it works :

Step 1 : Pack and bubble wrap your broken LCD screens and ship your stocks to our HK warehouse.

Step 2 : We test the phone broken LCD screens for recycling and grade type

Step 3 : Make sure test report and send to confirm

Step 4 : Make payment to you within 24 hours.


How to Grade :

A=Fully Functional Original screen.

B=Fully Functional Original screen with small dead pixels,backlight,yellow screen.  

C=Fully Functional Original screen,big dead pixel,stars,slight color marks.

D=Fully Functional Original screen with 3D issues,middle color marks in white background or big color marks.

Broken=Broken lcd and glass with good flex cable and IC, Bad IC or flex cable will be zero value.

How to package your LCDs

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