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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-31
The current film has three layers: the middle is the film layer, that is, the screen protector itself, and there are two layers on the outside called the release film, and the layer marked with the red label '①BACK' is the back layer (on the back of the person who puts the film), namely The layer facing the screen, and the layer marked with black '②FRONT' is facing the person who puts the film (in front of the person who puts the film), let's call it the surface layer. The first step of filming: Put the film surface marked with ① Align the screen, and pull the ① layer release film label out, slowly tear off part of the layer, please be careful not to touch the adsorption layer (middle layer) of the protective film with your fingers. The second step of the filming step: align the adsorption layer The edges and corners of the screen must be aligned. While tearing off the release film No. ① on the back layer, carefully smooth it, because the current protective film has an electrostatic automatic adsorption function, and generally does not require too much ironing. The action should be slow when applying the film. It is recommended to stick it along the long side of the screen, from point to line, from line to surface. Note: If the mobile phone protective film film process has small bubbles (not due to dust), you can use a wipe to gently smooth the squeeze. Just press it, even if you ignore the tiny bubbles, it will not be a big problem. Generally, the bubbles will disappear by themselves in 3 to 5 days. If it is not properly attached, you can use your hand to remove the protective film from the label ② and reattach it. Step 3: After sticking it, start from the label of ② and tear off the release film of this layer (the layer facing you).
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