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Keeping integrity and innovating, Lightning Repair was successfully selected as '315 Integrity Brand'-Corporate News-Lightning Repair Official Website-Free Door-to-door, Mobile Maintenance

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-31
In May 2020, Shenzhen Lightning Repair Network Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as '315 Honest Brand' among many participating brands for its pioneering industry model, high-quality service and good consumer reputation, and was awarded by the organizing committee. The certificate of honor is one of the few integrity brand merchants in this industry. In May 2020, the mobile phone repair industry integrity brand user research and promotion activity initiated by the China Quality Certification Supervision and Management Center and the China Enterprise Credit Evaluation Center had the final result. After tens of thousands of netizens’ comments, votes, and strict review by the organizer, Shenzhen Lightning Repair Network Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully selected the '315 Honest Brand' among many participating brands with its pioneering industry model, high-quality service and good consumer reputation, and won the honorary certificate issued by the organizing committee. One of the few honest brand merchants in this industry. Sudden Fix is u200bu200ba domestic pioneering O2O model 3C device on-site service platform, which mainly provides consumers with one-stop mobile phone repair services. Users make reservations for mobile phone repairs through multiple channels such as the Lightning Repair official website, Lightning Repair APP, Lightning Repair on-site mobile phone repair and recovery official account, WeChat Mini Program, etc. After the user places the order, the system will respond within 10 minutes, and the engineer will come to the door within 1 hour. , 30 minutes can easily help customers solve mobile phone failures. If it exceeds this time range, the user will also be paid accordingly. Compared with the pit, chaos and mess in the traditional mobile phone repair industry, the service advantages provided by Lightning Repair are obvious. The engineers of the platform are professionally trained and obtain the corresponding certificates before they can work; when on-site repairs, they must wear shoe covers, uniform dress, and wear badges; the accessories used in the repairs are all quality accessories strictly selected by the platform, and they are rejected Defective products; the entire repair process must be videotaped to ensure the user's right to know; the final price is uniformly priced by the platform, and there will be no random quotations. What should I do if there is an after-sales situation after the phone is repaired? Users can apply for corresponding services on the Lightning Repair Platform-[Personal Center] at any time. After-sales personnel will actively contact the users within 24 hours and actively arrange for after-sales engineers to handle them. The Lightning Repair Action demonstrates the responsibility and responsibility of an enterprise. For a long time, Lightning Repair has been adhering to the corporate mission of 'Let efficient service create social valueThis time, it was successfully selected as '315 Integrity BrandHaofeng Qiu, CEO of Lightning Repair, has repeatedly emphasized: 'Integrity is not only a part of corporate culture, but also the cornerstone of long-term development. Only by serving customers with integrity can the enterprise be bigger and stronger.' Since the establishment of the company, it has served more than 10 million people and served more than 1,500 corporate users, which has been well received by users. Up to now, the lightning repair mobile phone repair area has covered more than 40 first- and second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and more cities are being further opened. Choosing mobile phone repair services is not only about the technical level of the engineers, the quality of the accessories, but more importantly the corporate social responsibility and responsibility. We have been deeply involved in the lightning repair of the mobile phone repair service industry for many years. Do not forget the original intention, as always, provide users with high-quality maintenance services, it is worth learning from every enterprise.
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