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June Sino online mobile phone sales ranking: Honor Play 7 won the price category champion

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-19
For example, Honor Play 7 has a smart earpiece that can intelligently identify the noise level of the environment and intelligently adjust the volume. If the environment is quiet, the earpiece volume will be lowered to protect our privacy. When the environment is noisy, it will intelligently increase the earpiece volume to ensure that the call volume is clear enough; if the environment is too noisy, Honor Play 7 can still be at the maximum volume Continue to increase the volume on the basis of this to ensure that you can clearly hear what the other party is saying during a call. This is very suitable for elders with hearing loss. | Recently, the market research organization Sino announced the ranking of online mobile phone sales in June. Among them, the top five Android categories are all Honor phones, namely Honor 9 Youth Edition (3.8%), Honor Play 7C (3.2%), Honor Play 7 (3.0%), Honor Play 7X (2.9%) and Glory 6 (2.8%). It is worth noting that Honor Play 7 is not only the fastest growing e-commerce model in June, but also the online sales champion in the 400-699 price range. Less than 2 months after its launch, Honor Play 7 has achieved such good results, which shows that consumers love it. Honor Play 7 can have such a result, which is inseparable from the function and quality of Honor Play 7. As an entry-level mobile phone, the 599 yuan Honor Play 7 is limited by cost, but it has the ultimate in basic functions.
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