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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-01
A year ago when electronic digital product technology made a leap forward, with touch technology as the pilot application, industrial design has gone from products to technical links. Bright colors and a high degree of restoration of nature are the eternal pursuit of mankind, so the screen The protective film came into being. Screen protection film product structure: polyester film (PET) + hardened layer + polyester film (PET) + organic silica gel + polyester film (PET) Product features: 1. Using high-transmittance PET material imported from Japan, the surface of the screen protection film Highly abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant treatment, high abrasion resistance, dust-proof and fingerprint-proof. 2. After special anti-fingerprint treatment, this product has excellent anti-fingerprint performance. The fingerprints attached to the screen are not easy to distinguish and easy to clean. 3. The surface of the screen protective film has been treated with a high degree of wear-resistance and scratch-resistance to achieve a hardness of 3H, ultra-high-definition material, and no rainbow pattern. 4. Special silica gel is electrostatically adsorbed, no residual glue, and can be washed with water. 5. Using special silicone resin, excellent anti-air bubble function. 6. Durable, can be pasted repeatedly, prolong the service life of the equipment screen, and increase the height and definition of the screen to protect the screen in all directions. 7. New high-quality protective stickers, fashionable and trendy, the screen protective film adds fresh elements to your life. Application areas: 1. Anti-scratch protection for various flat touch screens. 2, 2, PDA panel protection of various electronic products. 3. Surface protection of various flat-panel displays. 4. After-sales supporting screen protection processing for screens of various electronic products. 5. Applicable to all kinds of smart phones, tablet computers, laptops, handheld computers, GPS, digital products with screens, etc.
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