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It's the standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-15

Lithium-ion batteries provide longer laptop battery life to ensure customers will no longer require laptop replacement battery in the course of periods away from a standard power source.

Number of cells

A common lithium-ion battery pack includes three, six and nine cells whilst other people use two, four and eight cells. The amount of cells in a battery decides the number of hours it can last after charging. Therefore, when the laptop is connected to a three-cell battery never anticipate power to last longer than the laptop working on a six-cell or nine-cell battery.

To point out that laptop battery life can last longer than the other is difficult to evaluate unless the comparison is built between similar battery features. Customers can change to a laptop replacement battery matched to the demand - based on the number of hours the laptop computer will be in use.

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Computer activities

Supposing everything to be similar when it comes to number of cells, laptop battery life will be controlled by power consuming devices connected to it. For laptop computers, battery power is anticipated to last which is depending on the following findings which contains the web browsing, and gaming practices of the user.

If your not using your laptop then you should always shutdown whenever possible. Turn the screen brightness right down and dont run high profile memory consuming applications. Close any other applications and programs that your not using. This can make a big difference to your battery life and the number of hours that your battery can provide your laptop with power.

Set your laptops power profile

The computer screen, the wireless card types and hard drives etc. are all power consuming devices which create the battery hour-efficiency rating. So assume high-end designed laptops to consume more battery power when compared with low-end laptops that run with less powerful processors and a small screen display.

Where possible you should set your powerprofile to maximum battery life. This normally auto tunes the screen brightness to the lowest setting, turns off and powers down all idle devices and shuts the monitor off after a default period of time.

You should also disconnect any external devices that your are not using as these will also drain excess power from the battery.

Carry a spare laptop battery

Laptops are created to drain energy from batteries to ensure usage of the laptop contains a direct bearing on battery hour-life. If the consumer merely needs to send out e-mails, power consumption is less compared to watching films that may require a laptop replacement battery in order to work throughout the film's whole run without losing power.

Its advisable to carry a spare battery and battery charger. This will ensure your not stuck in the middle of nowhere with out power to your laptop. It will also serve as a backup if your current laptop battery dies.

Environmental factors

The laptop surrounding has a direct impact on the life span of a laptop battery. When making use of the laptop among a humid environment, the laptop will quickly overheat. Overheating influences the battery, and when continuously subjected to this circumstance cuts short the estimated lifetime.

Ideally batteries with the laptop should be stored and used in a cool dry environment. Exposing the laptop and its battery to high levels of moisture and humidity will shorten the batteries life not to mention the laptop its self. Prologned exposure can lead to corrosion building up on the terminals and may even cause the battery's cells to leak over time.

Hot car interiors and Li-ion batteries don't mix. While a fire is unlikely, leaving electronics containing Li-ion batteries, such as your laptop, iPod or cell phone, in a hot car can result in an untimely death to your battery. 'Leave your iPod in a hot car, and that will kill it. In places like Florida, it can get up to 130 degrees in a car.

Extreme cold is also not good for Li-ion batteries. Don't try to charge them in freezing temperatures. Manufacturers advise that trying to do so could cause permanent damage to the battery.

Final Tips

New Li-ion batteries will work best if fully charged, and drained, for the first three charging cycles after purchase. So, after each charge, use the device until the battery completely runs out of power.

Use the charger that came with your laptop or one designed expressly for it. Your laptop's batteries might not sit right in a different charger, may not fully charge and could possibly damage the device. Using a different charger on your laptop can also damage the mainboard and invalidate the warranty.

Treat your Laptop and battery with care. Batteries work better when not subjected to rough use. People run with them, travel with them and throw them around. If people are careful with them, they'll last longer.Also the impact can damage the battery's internal cell, so be gentle with your battery.

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