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by:YoukingTech     2021-06-13

However, 'nothing is impossible!' There're still many green hands of C2C websites, they need suggestions and alerts, which is the reason why I write here.

If you want to run a home-based webshop no matter you are a soccer mom or a college student, that's a good idea to practice yourself and relieve the family burden.

The first priority is to figure out 'what's eBay' and 'how to work'. One solution is to buy a related book about eBay, which will enrich you thoroughly and theoretically. Another solution is to consult some veterans who have some successful experiences in opening internet shops in eBay or the other C2C websites, which can help you to deal with the practical matters.

There're two vital things you need to tackle before picking up your favorable niches. Open an account in and respectively, which is the threshold of your E-business.

It's time to pick up your favorable products which is not only you're most interested in, but also the one can make profits. Search the interested one in to find the similar suppliers as you. P.S. I started with laptop LCD screen for HP, but you can sell apparel, electronics, computer accessories, cell phone LCD screen replacement. Compare the price and quality they offer and figure up the most suitable price you'll post in your webshop which should cover the cost plus the percentage of your commission or profits.

After found your niches, you should turn to get a reliable dropship suppliers or wholesale distributor which could be a big deal! Let's step by step. There are several features of genuine dropship suppliers. Take NearbyExpress ( as an example which is a professional dropship supplier in the line of wholesale 3C electronic market with several local warehouses in North American and European countries. Firstly, free register, wide selections of products and what's most important is 'no stock and no risk' because of 'get orders from your customer first, place orders on them later'. Secondly, practical offices and real warehouses. Thirdly, easy online ordering and account management system allowing you to track your order at any time. Fourthly, Convenient and friendly payments are available both in online (like PayPal and Credit Cards) and offline (like Company Check and Bank Transfer). Fifthly, customized logo and graphics for your company Seventh, customer services around the clock are ready to service via phone, E-mail and even in person. Keep in mind: if you can get all above information, you can be sure that the one you find is the reliable.

Uploading pictures and photos of your products are boring but valuable to promote your output, because you never know the infinite power of advertisement.

You may think you're out of the loop after your customer received the products. NO, NO, NO! Almost 70% of shopkeepers will ignore the important of feedback or aftersales service. Pay attention to the feedback to check the products' quality and realize the standing of your dropship suppliers! The best choice is to ask for a sample from your supplier before sending any products to your customer directly.

Last step, you should pay for your shops in eBay and charge for the cost to your dropship suppliers. Don't worry: the fees can be offset simply because of your healthy and punchy profits.

Good luck buddy, you can dig your first gold soon by using NearbyExpress on eBay!

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