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Is the screen protector useful? Does the screen protector protect against radiation?

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-06
Anti-blue light can now be done through software, and the anti-blue light film with chromatic aberration is another matter. As for those anti-radiation, do you think that the LCD screen radiation is large or the wireless network radiation is large, and no matter how much harm these non-ionizing radiation will cause you. If you often use the mirror screen to reflect too much under strong light, you can consider the matte film. In other cases, it is better not to paste it. I just went out and considered that the sf5 keyboard I just bought would be printed on the screen, so it took 30 to paste a film. It’s okay if I have a high degree of professionalism. When the filming master I met was wiping the screen, I felt distressed by tm. Wiping the screen like this was enough for me to fail for a year. Okay, I don’t know the cleaning of people’s homes. How about the liquid. After pasting the film, I found that there were two grains of ash inside. I bought the ips screen to see clearly these two bubbles. It was really unbearable, and the edge of the film actually blocked the display area of u200bu200bthe screen. So I tore the film when I went back. After tearing it, I found that the reflection of the film was too heavy, although the mirror screen was torn a lot pleasing to the eye. Just buy an experience for 30 yuan. Let’s take a look at this screen protector priced at around 35 yuan. At a normal viewing angle, the brightness effect of the left side of the screen with the film and the right side of the screen without the film is not much different. If you look closely, you will find The left side is slightly darker, and the color performance is also slightly darker, but to be honest, it is really not obvious. And you know, the dirt that is visible to the naked eye is nothing at all. Those dirt only affects the appearance of the keyboard. The bacteria that we can't see at all are the biggest harm. It is reported that the keyboard we use is dirtier than the toilet lid. There is no doubt. If you don't even care about bacteria, what about the accumulated dust? Dust meets the pins. The laptop itself has many exposed sockets, and there are gaps around every key position of the keyboard. Over time, dust can directly affect the heat dissipation and performance of the laptop.
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