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Is the iPhone 12 good? He said that he didn't buy it, but he placed an order, it was all big trotter!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-08
The appearance of the iPhone12 series has finally changed. The stainless steel plate is used to face the outer frame. Compared with the previous sleek, this time, it is more Huakang. Many people say that Apple is dedicated to iPhone4, I don't think it is. Everyone, take a look at the current iPadPro, I think it is Apple's overall unified design style. Many people say that the most uncomfortable little friends who buy Apple is the data signal problem. There are often situations where the 4g data signal is full but they can’t send information, and the impatientness does not work. After all, the previous generations of commodity basebands The intel used for the chip. Apple has always had no advantages in terms of battery life. The addition of 5G this time, even though Apple has done a lot of hard work, the battery power is very small. Although the volume is smaller, but the 5nm A14, the endurance should be similar to before, there is no big improvement and no regression.   The key role of Apple in 2020 is the A14 processing chip and its dual-mode 5G. The performance of the A14 processing chip is still the leader, and the iPhone 12 is also the first Apple mobile phone ever to support 5G. It seems that the iPhone 12 is really good.   But if you think about it, you will find that Apple is still cooking cold rice as before. The performance of the A14 processing chip is indeed strong. No one can deny that, but Apple has been pushing the selling point of this product over the years. Is this a bit too much? Imagine if there is a flagship Android system that only focuses on performance. Flicker, can such an Android function be called a good fragrant machine?    In this new product launch, Apple stated that in order to better support environmental protection, the entire iPhone12 series no longer comes with a charging head, but only at the level of spare parts. One data line. For many pot friends, this undoubtedly increases a part of the purchase cost. Some old iPhone customers are likely to be able to accept it, and eventually they will be able to re-apply the charging headwear of the old product, but for customers who switch from the Android system to Apple for the first time, they must pay additional money to purchase Apple's charging head. The additional expense is not friendly to these customers. At the camera level, iPhone12 and iPhone12mini are equipped with 12 million resolution dual-camera system software, supporting HDR3, Dolby Vision HDR shooting video (up to 4k HD, 30fps), optical image stabilization, 2x optical zoom, and up to 5x digital Zoom; Pro and ProMax are equipped with Pro-level 12 million-definition three-camera system software, and a telephoto head. The focal length of Max's telephoto head is f/2.2, which supports 5x optical zoom range, up to 12x Digital zoom, and the bottom of the panoramic camera is higher, and the Pro focal length is f/2.0, supporting 4x optical zoom range, up to 10x digital zoom, both support AppleProRAW, Dolby Vision HDR shooting video (maximum 4k HD, 60fps ); Pro supports dual-lens optical image stabilization, while Max supports sensor offset optical image stabilization. From the iPhone12 model, there is not only the iPhone12mini that can be easily grasped with one hand, but also the iPhone12 with both display size and cost-effectiveness. There is also the flagship novice iPhone12Pro for Pro-level users. The iPhone12ProMax created by the customer. In fact, most of the ridicule about the iPhone 12 today is based on the hardware configuration, but the most important thing is the specific feelings of the real review of a mobile phone. There is also a period of time before the iPhone 12 is on sale. Even if you want to start, why not wait for the first batch of user feedback to make a decision. So do you have any preparations to start iPhone 12?
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