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Is the emoticon me a QQ emoticon? how to use?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-29
Posted on 05.28 Emoji me believes that you have seen a lot in QQ chats. At first I thought it was an emoticon package in QQ emoticons. Later, after I learned more about it, I realized that it was made by emoji me software. It can make a lot of cute emoticons and send them to other software. The following editor will teach you how to express the dynamic emoticons of love me. Method/Steps Open the emoticon me software, and then select Pin Datoutie. 1 The cute faces that we have spelled out with emoji me will appear, and we can add costumes to the cute faces. 2 Next, we apply emoji me to add accessories to the photo sticker. 3 We can also use emoticons to add handsome actions to cute faces. 4 Emoji me can also add bubbles to the photo sticker, and then click save and share at the top. The super beautiful cute face photo sticker will be released in an instant. Emoji me—new emoji 5 Click the activity you want to send in the emoji album of emoji me Emoticons, and then click to send to QQ or WeChat. 6 Tap the friend you want to send emoticons in QQ, and then tap OK. 7 At this time, you can see the animated emoji me in the QQ chat window. 8
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