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Is it necessary for everyone to buy a top-of-the-line mobile phone? Is the mobile phone good? Who knows who uses it?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-09
For consumers, is it really necessary to buy top-equipped mobile phones? The replacement of mobile phones is an inevitable technological development. There is no absolute answer to this answer, but most ordinary consumers will never spend a lot of money on those high-end mobile phones. Because a mobile phone is a communication tool, affordable and practical is the most important thing.  What's happening  The smart phone market has undergone earth-shaking changes. The original high-priced high-end smart phones have been replaced by domestically-made low-priced, high-powered phones. The popularization of quad-core has become a trend. With the upgrading of hardware, 1080p full HD screen and 6.1-inch super giant screen mobile phone have also met with you one after another. This is just the beginning. In this just-coming 2013, we will once again witness more and more powerful mobile phones.   Is it necessary to have a high profile?    Friends who like selfies shouldn’t over-pursue the pixel count of the front camera. The easy-to-use beauty function is king. There are so many self-portraits of internet celebrities, which has attracted countless otakus. In fact, from the vast tide of selfies, we can see how strong women's needs for beauty are. However, although the selfie artifact is good, the sharing ability is almost meaningless. As a result, many mobile phone manufacturers have introduced the front lens with very high pixels. High phone.   Why is the Casio selfie artifact hot? It's not a high pixel, it's actually an awesome beauty effect. And many mobile phones already have real-time beautification. Girls don’t need to add special effects after taking pictures. What is displayed directly on the screen is the effect after beautification, which is like a magic mirror in a fairy tale.   Is it necessary for a mobile phone to be so big?    What is the difference between a mobile phone and a tablet? In the digital market before, mobile phones were able to communicate with small screens, while tablets could not communicate with large screens. This seemingly simple question has become unanswerable now. 6.4-inch screen mobile phones and 5-inch callable tablets have appeared on the market. These two products directly break the boundary between mobile phones and tablets, making the original clear Things became vague. In fact, for consumers, it is not important to distinguish between mobile phones and tablets. What really needs to be considered is the nature of mobile phones-portable communications. In order to cater to the fast-developing mobile phone market, major manufacturers are constantly increasing their competitiveness. As one of the main parameters, the size of the screen has also become a powerful weapon for manufacturers to fight.
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